For your convenience, the most common questions people ask us are answered right here.

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Q: How can I find out more about the club?

A: Contact Caroline on 07813 667857

Q: What is the age limit for members?

A: There is no official age limit – we leave members to decide whether they are an ‘older person’. In practice most members are between the ages of 60-95. We have one volunteer in his eighties!

Q: How do I go about getting transport?

A: If you would be interested in being picked up and dropped off by Brighton and Hove Community Transport you would need to call Caroline on 01273 728678 to check that there is space. If there is, then the bus driver would give you a call about 5 minutes before he collects you.

Q: What if I can’t come one week- do I have to let anyone know?

A: No but if we don’t see you for a few weeks we will try to phone to see if you would still like to be a member.

Q: If I can’t come one week and I am booked on the bus do I need to let you know?

A: Yes please – so I can contact the bus company and take you off the list for that week. ideally by the Monday morning before if possible. (If you are unable to contact me for any reason perhaps because you are unwell don’t worry too much as the drivers always call before.)

Q: I have a special diet – can you cater for that?

A: We always provide a vegetarian alternative and do our best to cater for more specific requirements but we cannot offer a choice of meal.


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